Maarten is one of my most favourite colleagues. He has a positive winner mentality which he express by searching for new or better opportunities and solutions. His eagerness to learn, critical mind-set and willing to progress gives you in depth-discussions and trustful feedback. You can always count on him and last but not least, he has a great sense of humour!

Leen Devillé - Country manager Sunweb Belgium

During 11 years I had the pleasure of working together with Maarten. I praise Maarten for always being hungry for more knowledge and insights as well as for being a true team player. Thanks to his analytical mindset, his ability to adapt in times of change and looking for system based solutions he is known for his values in giving the right advice to both customers and colleagues. It is no surprise to me that with his competence and passion Maarten decided to follow his own path in becoming a Freelance Passionate problem solver who I strongly recommend for bringing new insights and solutions in facing your company's challenges.

Piet De Keersmaecker - Partner at BIGmouse

Few people have the opportunity to work with someone ‘ridiculously efficient’ like Maarten. He is a great team player and captain, he grows people and companies with new insights. In addition, he fits incredibly quickly into an existing environment, he is always innovative with new and existing structures or applications. Moreover he succeeds in perfectly combining hard work and pleasure.

Gert Engels - Business Consultant Unit 4


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